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  Strategic Intent

We aspire to be the most innovative and respected supplier of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products in Qatar.

  Business concept

Our concept in dealing with our Principals is partnership. We share in investment, expenses and profit. Although we represent a considerable number of partners, we deal with every one with utmost cooperation in a very confidential way.


Ebn Sina Medical was established in the year 1971 as Ebn Sina Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy at Al Rayan  Street. It was and still part of and by owned Al Faisal Holding Company.

Between 1971 and 1980 Ebn Sina was acquiring exclusive distribution ship agreements and reputable suppliers and managers in all lines related to health, (medical equipment, pharmacies, dental hospital sundries, mother and child health, skin care and cosmetology), all at a small office located above the pharmacy.


By 1980 the pharmacy had managed to make a considerable number of partners, exclusive agreements and was able to acquire a lot of agencies. Here, a great demand for an establishment finding aroused, in order to scoop the business within principals, to direct and frame the business. So the birth of Ebn Sina establishment was a must, and it was done later on that year.

Since then Ebn Sina concentrated it’s effort and managed to grow rapidly to acquire 3 more pharmacies to complete with the growing market in Qatar, it was considered by then the 2nd on going establishment in the market.

With the new millennium Ebn Sina managed to hit the market by following a full customer satisfaction policy and providing good quality products and services, the policy was implemented through the ISO 9002: 1994 Quality Management System, Which covered all the company’s operations and organization, and provided framework for its quality objectives. This Quality Management System was upgraded to ISO 9001 Version 2000 later on in the year 2003 as per the international requirements.

With the new millennium, Ebn Sina added to its outlets list, two more pharmacies in the year 2000, and in year 2004 another one new pharmacy was acquired. Ebn Sina now holds a total of 7 pharmacies and two Foot Care Centre. The Foot Care Centre was a great breakthrough in the Consumer Health area, it was the first center in Qatar that offered full services directed to foot care. It in now growing to be one of the leading care centers in gulf area.

Our scope of retail expanded to include a new Italian franchise specialized in Skin Care and Cosmetics, it is our new outlet, Bottega Verde.

Today Ebn Sina Medical Establishment  shares 55% of the total Pharma Market in Qatar( which is about 55 million US$ for both private and government sectors ) the calculation was done by using market information , Hamad Medical Corporation ( the only governmental hospital in Qatar ) and samples from pharmacies , because unfortunately we have no IMS or similar official data in the market.

The future holds a lot of names “A chance for the brave “is Ebn Sina’s…….Our future plans are big and wide, but we are sure we can achieve them, since we have all the tools and the competences to do so.  We focus on our people, our internal customers, and work to satisfy them and to invest in them as much as our external customers, because we believe that our strength and power comes from the inside to the outside.