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  Company Departments



Our departments operate with clear and concise objectives that are defined

and supported by highly efficient work processes. Each department has all the

Resources it requires to function independently and be able to support other 




Creativity is encouraged by management at all levels of the establishment.

  Ebn Sina Medical comprises:

  GM Office.

  Pharma Dept.

  Sales & Marketing - Pharmaceuticals Dept.

  Sales & Marketing - Consumer Health Dept.

  Retail Dept.

  Quality & Knowledge Dept.

  Warehouse & Clearance Dept.

  Finance Dept.

  HR & Training Dept.

  Public Relation Dept.

  Customer Service Dept.






 Our Premises

  Head Office.

  Ware Houses and Clearance.

  Retail outlets (4 - sites):

  • Ebn Sina Health Care Solution pharmacy
  • Foot Care Center (The Center)
  • Foot Care Center (Lulu Gharaffa)
  • Foot Care Center (Medina Central opening soon)